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2008 February

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Essential Wardrobe Tips
02.12.08 (1:19 am)   [edit]

Author: Utsav Sarees

There are different clothing styles. Some people prefer clothes in bulk while others to have selected outfits. In other words, there is a growing debate on quantity of clothes v/s quality of clothes.

There are many differences between quantity of clothes and quality of clothes, but there is one feature that both these school of thought agree on. This feature being that when it comes to fashion, there are a few colors and styles which are regarded as wardrobe essentials. Whether one goes in for quantity of clothes or quality of clothes, in both these cases one has some basic colors.

Indian fashion dress has always known for its attractive textures, embroideries, fabrics, cuts and styles. In present context, there is a wide variety of clothes and colors. However it may seem difficult to come down to a few basic colors. But this is the truth. Everybody may have an endless color sequence fashion dreses in their wardrobe. But a few colors and cuts are common to all beings. These colors are black, white, navy blue, brown and a few more. They are regarded as wardrobe essentials.

Our Indian Fashion is incomplete without these basic colors. Any apparel comprising of any of these colors is indeed important. One may have more variety in terms of colors but some shades never seem to take a back seat.

Though these colors are basic yet they play a significant role. The advantage of these essentials shades is that they look good for any and every occasion. And secondly, they are always in fashion.

Thus, unconsciously though we have kind of created a dress code for ourselves and we label it as Indian Fashion dress code. It comprises of some essentials that are very important to us. And some colors seem to have created a permanent place in our heart.

Indian fashion dress is not just about the colors. A perfect wardrobe comprise of the dresses which can be worn any time. A perfect wardrobe consist of all type of dreses i.e from most sexy to most traditional ones. Indian fashion dress can be equally sexy and traditional. That’s what most special in indian fashion dress.

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How to Tell if a Girl Likes you
02.12.08 (1:16 am)   [edit]
Author: Paul Hegarty

Helen Rowland once said, "To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all". But the times are a-changing and understanding the little signals the female of the species throws at men is a must. Here are some of the telltale non-verbal signals that girls make, which indicate that, ahem, they like you:

When she's with you, she will make attempts to touch your hand in a soft, light "bonding" kind of way. This touch can be reciprocated by you and should be taken as a signal from her that she's comfortable in your company, trusts you, and wants to get closer to you.

Shy girls play with their hair or fiddle with their dresses when they are with a guy they like. However, this is age-old wisdom. We're living in a world where girls fuzz up their hairstyles and all she might be doing is fixing a curl that's gone wrong. So watch carefully what she does to her hair before you conclude that she likes you.

If she looks at you with shining, adoring eyes every time you say something of consequence (or, even of little consequence) - then she likes you. If she locks eyes with you and then, maybe, looks down (or away) with a small angelic smile playing on her face, then she likes you, and when you run into her again and both of you smile at each other, then boy-oh-boy, she definitely likes you and wants to be in your company. But if she looks disinterested when you are talking to her, then she doesn't care much about you.

If her friends begin throwing curious glances at you and giggle nonchalantly, that indicates she's discussed you with her close circle of friends because she likes you. But, if her close circle of friends guffaw at you or pass snide remarks about you, then probably, she doesn't think highly of you.

If she likes Stupid Spy, she's going to blush for the first few times you are near her or when you speak to her. If she likes you, she's going to ape the way you talk and/or the way you move. If she likes you then she will make an attempt (or, several attempts) to try to talk to you. Then there's this crazy age-old theory that if a girl is sitting with her feet pointing towards you, she likes you; but if her feet are pointing away, then she literally wants to walk away from you.